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Purchased your 15 video training yesterday. I watched 10 videos in about 3 hours and learned so much! I started a new business recently and it was very important to me to get a handle on my company’s finances from day one. I chose quickbooks because it was highly recommended by other business owners in my community. Once I installed QB setting up my company was easy then I hit “The Wall” and could not figure out where to go from there. Luckily I found you right away through one of the search engines. After watching the sample videos I was convinced that $65 was well worth what I learned from just those segments. While I do not feel like an expert I do feel comfortable with how to enter most of the transactions and I set up my entire Stock and Non-Stock inventories and customized several Chart of Accounts that applied to my business specifically, all within a couple of hours.

Thank you for offering such a fine set of videos at a reasonable price.

Thanks!!!  I’m so happy this is making more sense than I have ever dreamed of!  I would never get this far on my own!  You’re a blessing!


Win D.

I would like to introduce myself to you a little, After I saw almost all of the videos about quick books.

And I can tell you that I am working along time already with quick books, and now I see that I didnt even know 30% of the program,

So I would like to express myself with a big thank you, for the great help, thank you very much.


Samuel L.

Hi Mat,

I am learning Quickbook for my new business. I am still going through your tutorials. So far I found it really helpful. It is very well explained for beginner like me. Thanks for video tutorial and tips.



Thank you so much for putting your videos online.  I’ve learned so much from them.

Jamie O.

Thank you for the quickbooks training materials.  They are such a huge help to me.


Matt –
Yes, I did receive the link and have began watching the modules… it’s great information that is going to be very helpful for me.  I really appreciate the time and effort you put into pulling this training together


Terence P.

Thank you so much, for all the help I have received from you.  I came into this totally green.


Dolores S.

Thank you for the videos. They were great. I went through all of them nonstop and I am planning to have a second run before booking the Inuit exam to be QuickBooks certified.

The last video, DO NOT QUIT, is such an encouragement.


John K.

Hi Mat,

How’s it going?  Thought I disappeared eh?  Well, I’ve actually been working at the bookkeeping.  I’ve been busy inputting all my sale orders and sale receipts.  I’m so happy.  And I printed my first official sales receipt today!!!  I even changed up the template and it looks pretty cool.  Thanks to your online tutorials!


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