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This site was created out of the need for quality, affordable real-world training in Quickbooks for the small business owner and individuals wanting to learn Quickbooks.

My Quickbooks training, called “The Quickbooks University”, is divided into 14 separate on-demand videos with over 4.7 hours of meaty content which will teach you everything you need to know about how to successfully use Quickbooks.

Check out my intro video from the Quickbooks University…

My name is Mat Hultquist and I am a CPA living in Greenville, South Carolina.  I am the Managing Partner and founder of The Hultquist Firm, CPA, PC and have worked with Quickbooks for the past 12 years on a daily basis.  I have worked with 1,000’s of small business owners to help them not only better understand Quickbooks better, but get them set-up on the right path so they can successfully use Quickbooks on their own.

Here’s the overview about the Quickbooks Tutorial videos and their content:

Video 1 – INTRODUCTION AND NAVIGATION IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 19:15 minutes

  • Get a detailed Introduction to the Quickbooks Software
  • Learn just what you can achieve with my Quickbooks classes
  • Discover the 3 navigation methods to find your way around in the Quickbooks Training (this often confuses most beginning users)

Video 2 – SETTING UP QUICKBOOKS CORRECTLY –  Video length 21:43 minutes

  • Learn how to create your Quickbooks Company file
  • Entering your company information and an introduction to setting up your preferences
  • Choosing a start date, which chart of accounts to use, and providing details about income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Entering opening balances and completing the EasyStep interview

Video 3 – WORKING WITH LISTS IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 29:56 minutes

  • Discover how Quickbooks organizes information and the 3 primary lists you’ll use on a day to day basis
  • Editing the chart of accounts and working with the 3 essential lists in your everyday tasks
  • How to add custom fields and manage your lists

Video 4 – WORKING WITH BANK ACCOUNTS IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 22:23 minutes

  • How to write a check?
  • How to use Quickbooks registers (did you know there is a register for every account?)?
  • How to enter a handwritten check (if you don’t print checks from Quickbooks)?
  • Transferring money between accounts.
  • Reconciling checking accounts (ever wonder why your cash balance doesn’t match the bank?)


  • Tracking credit card transactions with Quickbooks (this is CRUCIAL advice, and I can almost guarantee that you are doing this wrong!)
  • Working with asset and liability accounts and finally understanding equity accounts

Video 6 – ENTER SALES INFORMATION INTO QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 24:22 minutes

  • How to use sales forms in Quickbooks (do you know which one to use in which situation?)
  • How to enter a new service item (this is the backbone of how you will get paid) and set-up multiple price levels (no more manually adjusting invoices for different prices!)
  • How to remind customers of overdue payments (make sure you get your cash!)

Video 7 – RECEIVE PAYMENTS AND MAKE DEPOSITS IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 13:53 minutes

  • Discover the proper way to record customer payments (these differ depending on WHEN you get paid)
  • How to make deposits in Quickbooks and understanding “Undeposited Funds”

Video 8 – ENTERING AND PAYING BILLS IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 12:02 minutes

  • The proper way to handle bills in Quickbooks (you may not be doing this correctly)
  • How to use Quickbooks for accounts payable and managing your cash flow properly

Video 9 – ANALYZING FINANCIAL DATA IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 17:47 minutes

  • Discover how to create a report, a Quickbooks Tutorial for virtually EVERY aspect of your business
  • Create a customized preset report and memorize reports so you can go back to them easily
  • How to export your report to MS Excel
  • How to create QuickInsight Graphics

Video 10 – SETTING UP INVENTORY IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 28:31 minutes

  • Discover how to enter products into inventory the RIGHT way
  • How to order products  under the right category, a important Quickbooks Training
  • How to receive inventory with or without a bill attached
  • How to manually adjust inventory after your physical counts

Video 11 – TRACKING AND PAYING SALES TAXES QUICKBOOKS Tutorial –  Video length 20:17 minutes

  • Overview of sales tax and how to get the most use out of this feature
  • How to setup your tax rate and agencies so you don’t get penalized!
  • How to apply tax to each sale
  • How to determine what you owe at the end of the month
  • How to properly pay your various tax agencies

Video 12 – DOING PAYROLL QUICKBOOKS CLASS –  Video length 28:15 minutes

  • Setting up payroll for your particular business needs
  • Setting up employee payroll information with this Quickbooks training (this is very simple IF you know the correct way to do it)
  • How to write a paycheck and withhold the proper amount of tax
  • Track your tax liabilities and BE SURE to pay them on time

Video 13 – TRACKING TIME IN QUICKBOOKS –  Video length 13:15 minutes

  • Learn to track time and mileage in this Quickbooks Tutorial
  • Invoicing time and mileage to a customer (if you bill time or mileage to clients, this will make your life MUCH easier)
  • Displaying project reports for time tracking
  • Paying nonemployees for time worked (do they get a 1099 or not?)

Video 14 – CHANGING PREFERENCES AND CUSTOMIZING FORMS –  Video length 10:38 minutes

  • Introduction to Quickbooks Forms and all that you can do
  • Customizing your invoices and other forms to reflect the true character of YOUR business
  • How to use Quickbooks letters to streamline your operations

Bonus Video 15 – A LITTLE MOTIVATION –  Video length 3:09 minutes

  • Just watch :-)
And All That For a measly $67 bucks!? Less then $5 per video
Are your Quickbooks problems worth $5 bucks x 14 videos?

“Sales tax may apply depending on your location. Pay using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express"


Hundreds of satisfied clients are proof that you will greatly benefit from the videos, and if you have any questions, even before you gonna to purchase the course, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  quickbooksuniversity [AT] (exclude spaces and brackets and replace AT with @) .


Mat Hultquist, CPA

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