aesystemsllc – 08/18/2011

Purchased your 15 video training yesterday. I watched 10 videos in about 3 hours and learned so much! I started a new business recently and it was very important to me to get a handle on my company’s finances from day one. I chose quickbooks because it was highly recommended by other business owners in my community. Once I installed QB setting up my company was easy then I hit “The Wall” and could not figure out where to go from there. Luckily I found you right away through one of the search engines. After watching the sample videos I was convinced that $65 was well worth what I learned from just those segments. While I do not feel like an expert I do feel comfortable with how to enter most of the transactions and I set up my entire Stock and Non-Stock inventories and customized several Chart of Accounts that applied to my business specifically, all within a couple of hours.

Thank you for offering such a fine set of videos at a reasonable price.

Thanks!!!  I’m so happy this is making more sense than I have ever dreamed of!  I would never get this far on my own!  You’re a blessing!

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